About Our School

About Lorien Novalis School

LNS AERIAL PHOTO 2014 med.jpgLorien Novalis School is a Rudolf Steiner School in the Hills District, north west of Sydney, Australia. 

The classrooms are nestled into a five hectare site of bush and orchard, surrounded by gardens, bees and birds. Every day our students enter an environment that is shaped as much as possible to their developing needs. Each class has a home room where they are under the care of a teacher/guardian who stays with the class for seven years in primary and five years in high school. 

History of Our School
Lorien Novalis School opened on Monday, September 13, 1971, at Pymble with eight children. By the end of the first term the school had grown to 30 students and relocated to a large house in Normanhurst.

During 1972 five hectares of native bushland with its own orchard (a reminder of past rural days) was found in Dural and the school officially opened its doors there for Term 1, 1973. The road we are situated on is an ancient pathway that has significance to our cultural heritage since Settlement, and to that of the traditional inhabitants of the lands as it is the path to the river Muru Durubbin.

With a combination of helpful benefactors, dedicated hard work by parents, teachers, friends and government grants, Lorien Novalis has grown to a large complex of buildings housing a vital, creative education community providing Playgroup, Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary and High School education up to Year 12, as well as Teacher Development and Parent Education. 

Our architect, David Jacobson, himself a Steiner school graduate, designed our buildings keeping in mind the developmental and educational needs of the students. This focus on retaining the natural surrounding environment helps younger children nurture imaginative forces and creative play while allowing older students to relate to the outer world. Biologically the school grounds have been developed through Steiner's guidelines of biodynamics and maintained in this way for 40+ years. 

Steiner Education
Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) was an Austrian whose breadth of work included advancements in philosophy, architecture, science, biodynamic farming, medicine, the arts and education. The first Steiner (Waldorf) school was established in 1919, and today the expansion of Steiner Education is one of the largest non-denominational school movements in the world with over 1000 schools in 60 countries.

Drawing on Steiner education pedagogy, Lorien Novalis School offers students a balance of the academic with the artistic, and the practical with the humanitarian. With a focus on valuing the individuality of each person, the early years aim to nurture the creative mind and the latter years focus on maturing the discerning mind. We strive to enable each student to develop their full potential so they can go out into the world with confidence and self-motivation as well-rounded individuals.