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Meet the dynamic staff that teach and work at Lorien Novalis School

Lorien Novalis School Staff

April 2017 Staff Photo

April 2017 Staff Photo



Emily: Little Kindy Teacher
Haruka: Early Childhood Assistant
Savithri: Child Development Support Coordinator
Katrina: Primary School Assistant
Elli: Class 8 Co-Guardian, High School Philosophy, History & Technics 
Sarah: Class 1 Guardian
Halina: Primary School Assistant
Janine:  Registrar, Front of House & General Administration
Fei: Primary School Mandarin Teacher
Pooja: Early Childhood Relief Assistant


Nathalie: Early Childhood Assistant
Tracey: Primary School Support Teacher
Renee: Class 1 Guardian
Melody: Primary School Support Teacher
Trish: Primary School Learning Support Coordinator & Teacher
Martina: High School Learning Support, Early Childhood Teacher
Kristina: High School VET (Hospitality), VET Coordinator
Margaret: Class 10 Co-Guardian, High School Music, Language (Mandarin), VET (Entertainment) & Technics, Overseas Student Coordinator
Angela: Class 11 Guardian, High School English & Drama, Major Works
Sharon: High School English 
Angela: Bookkeeper 
Melissah: Librarian, Primary School Assistant
Barbara: Accountant/Business Manager


Lillia: Kindergarden Teacher
Donna: High School VET (Hospitality)
Frances: Class 7 Guardian
Tony: Class 8 Co-Guardian, High School PDHPE, SLR & Learning Support 
Mike: Class 3 Guardian
Rajan: Grounds & Maintenance 
Jim: Class 6 Guardian
Lauren: Class 5 Guardian
Glenn: Class 10 Co-Guardian, High School Mathematics, VET (IDT) & Technics (IT)
Leanne: Class 12 Co-Guardian, High School Coordinator, High School Mathematics & Philosophy
Norman: Head of School, Director Novalis College
Max: IT Support
Olivia: Class 9 Co-Guardian, High School Visual Art
Leander: Grounds & Maintenance 
Alice: Class 4 Guardian
Karen: Nominated Early Childhood Supervisor and Early Childhood Teacher 
Alison: Attendance, Front of House & General Administration
Catharina: Educational Support
Charlotte: Educational Support
Dennis: Grounds & Maintenance 
Vivien: Early Childhood, Primary School Coordinator, OSHC Overseer, Eurythmy, Speech & Primary School Teacher
Isabelle: Early Childhood Assistant