For children turning 6 years of age

"The great thing is to enable the human being to find his place in the world with due confidence in his own power of judgement."
- Steiner

Kindy.jpgLorien Novalis Kindergarten provides a warm and nurturing space that gently guides the child into full-time schooling for children who are celebrating their 6th birthday the year they start Kindergatren.

At a time when a dull sameness pervades so much of our culture, and individuality struggles to be released from the 'packaging' which imprisons it, more than ever it is important to prevent this sameness from deadening the forces of growth in our children and dulling their senses which open in wonder to the world.

At Lorien Novalis we strive to enliven and individualise the child's experience, weaving truths into imaginations that will nourish them throughout their life. Into the sturdy fabric of the Kindergarten routine, we weave the sparkle and lustre of individual events, each unique, each special and never to be repeated in the same way.

In Kindergarten everything is taught through play, imitation and imagination; to enliven the children and engage their will. Children will experience painting, drawing, modelling, play-acting, puppetry, singing, stories, poems, games, handicrafts, cooking, gardening and free play.

One activity follows another in harmonious flow: a story and song may be followed by an experience of the world of colour through watercolour painting, then morning tea and outside play in the sandpit or in the trees, before coming together again inside.

Each day is different and the activities are many and varied, in tune with the child's need to have a wide range of experiences at this highly impressionable age. These years of intelligent, creative activity give rise in adulthood to an active, creative intelligence.