Little Kindy

For children turning 5 years of age

“The child who lives in such an atmosphere of love and warmth and who has around him really good examples for his imitation, is living in his right element.”

- Steiner

Little Kindy play timeLittle Kindy at Lorien Novalis provides a secure, nurturing environment for children celebrating their 5th birthday the year they start Little Kindy. The little Kindy year is a continuation of the year a child has spent in Preschool. Our Preschool and Little Kindy teachers remain with the class for two years, taking a class from the start of the Preschool year through to the end of the Little Kindy.

Just as in Preschool, our aim is to make each child’s transition from home to school a gentle happy experience in an environment that is unfolding and unhurried, and through actions that are worthy of imitation. Little Kindy provides the opportunity for children to prepare for the full time school in Kindergarten the following year. Many children gradually increase their days throughout the year, as they grow more confident in their personal transition from home to full time schooling.

Each child is born with a natural reverence for the world around him. He has a sense of wonder, a spontaneous joy in simple things, an enthusiasm for living. We strive to keep this alive. 

At Lorien Novalis, our Little Kindy students and teachers take time to hear the kookaburra’s song, to smell the blossoms on the tree, to feel the smooth texture of acorns and pebbles, to watch ants scurry and caterpillars crawl and to feel splendour at the sight of dew on the grass or the colours of the rainbow. We endeavour to nurture the child’s senses and keep alive the flame of reverence that glows within. Our rituals of blessings before meals and verses to greet and end the day, bring the child to a oneness with the outer world.

Little Kindy is a continuation of the daily and weekly and seasonal rhythms that the children experience in Preschool. We offer an environment where activities are woven into a strong daily rhythm, just as they are in a child’s home life. Each week children take part in activities such as:

•    Cooking and gardening
•    Painting, drawing and modelling
•    Story, song and movement
•    Dressing-up, playing and resting.

We strive to offer continuing opportunity to play imaginatively, with a variety of simple toys made from natural materials. Through play, a young child is able to take in his own experiences and make them fully his own. Through good quality play they will learn to concentrate, persist, create, discriminate, co-operate and deal with a world of materials, of different situations and people ~ all vital for later learning.

If you are unsure which Early Childhood class to enrol your child in please Contact Us to discuss your situation.