For children 2 to 4 years of age, and their parents

“The child who lives in such an atmosphere of love and warmth and who has around him really good examples for his imitation, is living in his right element.”
- Steiner

IMG_0713.jpgOur Playgroup space is nestled at the top of the hill, surrounded by our rambling passionfruit vine that has plenty of treats when in season. As you walk through the gate, you can see our tree slowly changing with the seasons. Our room is all set for the little ones to enjoy; there are horses to ride, dollies to cuddle, lovely wooden toys and sea shells to play with.

Each day we sing our good morning song and bake our own Brown Bread Buns, this is a wonderful activity for the children. It's a great way to engage their will in a positive way and build the strength and courage they will need in the older years going through school. We spend our morning playing, doing little craft projects, singing seasonal songs in circle time and sharing our morning tea together. 

For most children, this is the first experience of socialising with others and as a parent it is lovely to obverse these little interactions. We endeavour to involve all parents in activities as it makes the experience so special, a time in the week when only you and your child matters and you can enjoy the morning. This time together gives the opportunity for friendships between mothers, fathers or carers to flourish and this is one of the things we love most about playgroup: 

Building a community around the youngest at Lorien Novalis School. 

The soft apricot colours on the walls and a wash of rainbow colours gives you a sense of warmth and nurturing when you enter our playgroup home. Close to our circle time rug is our seasonal table which is displayed with beautiful and delicate items that represent each season. At playgroup we closely follow the rhythm and routine of the Early Childhood years at Lorien Novalis. We have times within our day of breathing out and in. There are times when the children can run and play (breathing out) and times when we all sit together and listen to a story (breathing in).