‘ Our highest endeavour must be to develop free human beings who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives.’  

 - Steiner


The Lorien High School Pedagogical Vision

The vision for our High School is born out  of an understanding of the changing world and what is needed for young people to face this unpredictable future, balanced with a vision of the emerging human spirit in every individual as given by Rudolf Steiner.

Young people’s needs are changing and so to are the expectations of the world. The student’s ambitions and motivations are also changing, so we are developing our High School curriculum and timetable to meet, within the individual, the challenges of the future.

There will always remain career pathways that are determined by the industrial world, economic demand and social need and there will always be students who want to pursue them. We will always need doctors, builders and teachers however there is an unrest in the classroom brought about by the rapidly changing technology and the uncertainty and unpredictability of the future, so the model of ‘what’ and ‘how’ we teach must change to meet these future needs. There are careers and life paths that have not yet been established and we are preparing children for them.

Student engagement in their learning is becoming more difficult as the distractions of technology become more imbedded in our every day life. At times there seems to be little point in learning information to pass exams when one can simply Google the answer, so it is the deeper human qualities that we need to strengthen and embellish to imbue the future leaders with a sense of purpose and direction.

We as a school, embrace the paradigm shift, seeing the need for students to develop themselves as creative individuals, giving them a voice about their learning and the desired outcomes. This will result in students being more connected to their learning, more self motivated, with less pressure, more relaxed and content within themselves and with an increased sense of satisfaction with their learning objectives.

Our vision encompasses;

  • students passionate about their learning
  • teachers passionate about their teaching and their subjects
  • excellence in academic striving (for those who are so inclined)
  • creativity, skill and expression in the arts
  • harmonious development of social skills and interactions
  • a creative learning environment where the individual and the process is more important than the outcome
  • a timetable which addresses the social as well as academic needs of the students
  • a diverse and  engaging learning environment which is inclusive of different learning types and abilities
  • students that develop ethical approaches to problem solving
  • students who are inclusive and free from prejudice
  • students who develop responsibility for the world and its issues
  • added opportunities for learning support out side the regular classroom
  • classrooms and facilities that reflect the developing aesthetic qualities of the education

The High School comprises of two major elements, the Middle and Senior School.

The Middle School (Years 7, 8 and 9) will have a curriculum and timetable which is directly suited to their age and learning styles. Adolescence is a very particular and defining stage of development, dealing with issues such as puberty, isolation, social acceptance, self-image and so on, so the way in which a student faces their school day has important consequences to their learning habits.

Through the progression of the ages and development of human consciousness, we see a reflection of the adolescent individual. Through the class seven child’s reflection of the Arthurian legends, the year eight reflection of the Gothic period leading over into the Renaissance period of the year nine students we see these ‘ages’ themes permeate the lesson content and the activities to develop the sense of connectedness  and engagement by the students.

Through the Middle School we are preparing the students for the academic and social challenges of the Senior High with a real sense of ‘passage’ through their educational journey, culminating in the Year Nine class trip to central Australia. This trip is specifically designed as a ‘rite of passage’ trip taking the students out of their comfort zone and giving them an opportunity to challenge themselves in a difficult, sometimes harsh environment, while maintaining respect and gratitude for the process.

Deeper learning and higher order learning are qualities that ground our students in a belief of themselves and their own abilities. This foundation is what enables them to face the challenges of the future with confidence and courage.

It is through the revelation of the individual talents and human capacities of each student which the pedagogy of the High School is built, not just the scoring of high academic marks and the passing of exams, for these are a measure of only some aspects of our learning but more importantly, the capacity of an individual to go freely into the world and impart themselves onto the world with true meaning and purpose is the basis of the High School pedagogy.

The young are the future and our job as teachers is to help them be the best they can for that future, both for themselves and for the world.