"We believe that the dynamic and balanced approach to education which our students are invited to engage with throughout their journey at Lorien Novalis truly makes them fit for a meaningful life after school."

Pathways to Tertiary Education

Lorien Novalis High School is accredited with the NSW Board of Studies to provide courses of study to our students which lead to the award of the ROSA (Record of Student Achievement) and the HSC (Higher School Certificate). 

Senior students at Lorien Novalis undertake the HSC course of study, together with other courses of study, such as the Major Work Program, that lead towards the Year 12 Lorien Novalis Certificate. Our students are able to progress to tertiary study using a range of options including the STAT test, their Major Works portfolio and their HSC results with which to apply for university entry.


The Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT) is a series of tests designed to be sat by a wide selection of candidates who do not hold a standard Year 12 qualification, such as students graduating with Year 12 Certificate from a Rudolf Steiner School who seek entrance to a tertiary institution. 

Students who sit for the STAT will receive a score which enables them to apply through the UAC (University Admissions Centre) for university study. Over the last 10 years Class 12 students from Lorien Novalis have sat the STAT, which is run by the Australian Council for Educational Research on behalf of all Australian Universities, with impressive results. It is accepted by many Universities for students who graduate from a Rudolf Steiner School in Year 12. More information on the STAT can be found on the UAC Website 

Currently, Lorien Novalis graduates are studying in a range of tertiary institutions including: 

  • Charles Sturt University
  • Darwin University Sydney University
  • University of Newcastle
  • Macquarie University
  • University of Notre Dame
  • Sydney University of Technology
  • University of Western Sydney

Our students will have gained through various learning avenues considerable experience for life including our Steiner curriculum, outside study (music, dance, etc) work experience, travel, and family values. On this journey they will have developed the ability to understand, reason, analyze, solve problems, apply information, and make appropriate decisions. Candidates taking the STAT will be expected to demonstrate these skills in various contexts, ranging from the social and cultural to the scientific and technological. 

The STAT is not a test of in-depth knowledge of narrow academic disciplines. It is a test of general ability based on broad life experiences and sound reasoning and thinking skills. The material on which the tests are based is selected to maximise its curriculum independence. This makes the STAT more relevant and reflective of our students' creative learning capacities than the HSC which is a curriculum-driven, quantity-based examination. Our Steiner curriculum, which is followed across 5 continents, stresses quality educational experiences integrated across learning disciplines.