Class Trips

primary-class-trip.jpgClass Trips and Lorien Novalis 

Of all activities at Lorien Novalis, one of the most memorable is the Class Trip. While so enjoyable that you'll often hear it referred to as a holiday, this is far from the truth...

Class trips are a time where close connections are made, not only among classmates, but to the teacher as well. They strengthen the class identity, that mysterious quality that evolves as the years pass, binding the students into a group that works together and grows together. They also provide the teacher with many opportunities to observe and learn about the children, observations which are invaluable in the months and years that follow. Class trips begin in Class One, usually with an overnight stay somewhere in the local area ~ Newnes, the Central Coast or Hawkesbury Valley. In the early years the trips are generally quite short, but by year seven a three week trip is not uncommon.

In Class 12, the students are encouraged to participate in the planning and organization of the trip, where they can be tasked with research into local rules and regulations, local attractions and customs. Their journey in Europe is a culmination of many years of study in French, Italian and German languages as well as History, Geography, Renaissance Art and much more.Many schools go on excursions, but few equal the atmosphere and intimacy achieved at Lorien Novalis. The trips are not overburdened by enforced discipline – the class binds together more akin to a family than a school, while the children develop life skills that will last them into old age.The Class Trip evolves the class with each teacher over primary and high school, and ensures that a balance and completeness is achieved.