Main Lessons

The Main Lesson (lasting two hours) begins the day for the child. Each morning for 3 weeks the class teacher will guide the students through academic subjects such as Maths, Science, English and Social Science, employing various arts including music, drawing, Eurythmy, story telling and painting. This method allows the child fully experience each subject. Exploring the academic through the artistic develops left/right brain activity, which enlivens the child's thought life. At the end of the 3 weeks, a new lesson begins.

Middle Lessons

After morning tea, the Middle Lesson begins. Where Main Lessons are concerned with the more academic subjects, the Middles take on a less formal approach: Art, the Humanities, and subjects that will lead the child towards developing a healthy relationship to their environment. The Middle Lesson allows weekly repetition of a subject over a whole term. It is here the child is taught by the other teachers in the school.

Block Lessons

After lunch, during the Block Lesson, the grounds are dotted with groups of children engaged in a variety of practical activities – gardening, sport, leather work, knitting, building - in fact any and all of the practical arts and crafts. This is also a 3 week lesson, taken by the Class Teacher or another who has a particular skill. Quite often the Main and Block Lessons are linked thematically, allowing the academic and artistic to complement each other, e.g. Egyptian mythology for the Main Lesson and paper making in the Block Lesson.