Little Kindy Spring News

Little Kindy Spring News

Oct 27, 2017

Over the year it has been lovely to see the children grow, and form such strong and wonderful bonds with each other. There is a wonderful sense of friendship within this group, care and respect. We have had some big changes within our kindergarten grounds. Rajan & Dennis have been busy building us a new climbing frame, mulching our garden, and doing a gene

DSCN0399 copy.jpg

ral repair and tidy up around our building. It looks fantastic! And the children have absolutely loved the climbing frame, their confidence and strength has been growing each and every time they give it a go! 

Over this last term we will be heading towards the change from spring to summer, with the days already growing quite warm! Our circle time is filled with lots of lovely spring songs and Spanish verses. We have also started the journey with our silk worms again, watching them grow bigger every day. Our walks have been taking us to the lovely new beehive and the mulberry tree, which is always a must! We can’t go past those sweet and delicious mulberries. We have been doing lots of running on the field and then laying down on the soft spring grass to watch the clouds.

Our craft has been delving into the spirit of spring and summer and the children’s beautiful craftwork decorates our room. Our baking has been getting very creative, with baked sweet potato, baked corn, warm milk and honey, rainbow fruit sticks and delicious soup! Outdoor play will start including lots of water! The children love to build rivers and castles and also dip their toes into that cool blue water. 


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