Mandala Madness

Mandala Madness

Nov 10, 2017



Raffle tickets can be purchased at the office ~ $5 each or 3 for $10

For the past few years the Lorien Craft Group has worked together on a large item that we raffle to raise funds.  We started out with the aim of raising enough money to buy new craft supplies for the following years Spring Fair. Each year our projects have varied, a hand-sewn quilt, a felted wall hanging and last year a crochet blanket.  As our projects grew more challenging we decided to use the funds raised to purchase something for the school students, last year we were able to buy two fantastic sewing machines. 

This year we have set our sights high… We took on the challenge of making a crocheted mandala.  We started the enormous task during term 2, and knowing the huge amount of hours needed to complete the blanket we enlisted the help of some very keen and talented crocheters within our school community as well as our regular craft group members. During the long winter months the blanket was passed from person to person, each completing a few rounds. Many challenges were faced, but each week as the mandala grew, we were amazed at the beautiful work that each person contributed. 

With 95 rounds completed so far and many countless hours spent crocheting, the end is in sight!  Our aim is to have the mandala finished in time for the school open day, where it will be on display for everyone to see and the lucky winner of the raffle drawn.  In order to raise as much money as possible to do justice to this stunning piece of art, we will begin selling tickets this week at the Christmas market and tickets will also be available from the office.  If you would like to take home a book of tickets to sell to family and friends it would be most appreciated.  Please get behind our school community fundraising and help purchase something really amazing for our kids, which they can enjoy for many years to come. 

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