Sun Hive

Sun Hive

Nov 10, 2017

Our teachers were busy in April, at a seminar at Shearwater Steiner School. One project was a Sun Hive. Sun Hives are made out of rye straw and has nine, half moon shaped arched, movable frames with the entrance located at the bottom of the hive. The Sun Hive is designed by the German sculptor Guenther Mancke. The form and shape of the hive are created according to the natural bee hives and the design reflects the oneness of the colony.

The Sun Hive has recently been completed and hug at the top of the hill, behind the bus shelter. 

IMG_9414 1.jpgIMG_9412.jpgIMG_9399.jpgIMG_9383.jpgDSCN0407.jpgDSCN0406.jpg

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