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The education of our children and their learning experiences...

Our Roles

Aug 13, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 7.08.36 pm.pngThe education of our children and their learning experiences are the key reasons we devote ourselves to parenting and to teaching. We all wish to see our children go out into the world as confident, respectful and willing participants in society with whatever journey that they may freely choose for themselves. We hope that we have been able to impart to them some of the wisdom of the world through our experience and knowledge. Sometimes they listen and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they participate and sometimes they opt out, nevertheless we are relentless in our pursuit to engage the students in the wonder of learning and to bring to them experiences that will resound positively in their being.

Education is seen as a collaborative effort between the parents, teachers and even the community, for the developmental benefit of the students. In any collaboration there are always clear rules for all stakeholders to secure the best outcome for the recipients, and in education this clarity is of the utmost importance.

While the school has it’s clearly identifiable rules and guidelines, timetables and curriculum, each family has their own individual set of rules and expectations. Each child therefore has to amalgamate the dual set of parameters that they are given and apply them to their day to day lives.

Hence the difficulty in the process of ‘collaboration of the learning’. One rule does not fit all circumstances.

Generally things will go along at a normal and consistent pace, due to the respect that is held between the parents and teachers along with the similarity of goals and expectations. Under this environment the students will flourish and engage with their learning process at a positive level. There are obviously many things which may disrupt this process, even if only for a morning or a day. A student may just have had a bad night or an argument with a sibling before school. This may disturb their attention in class and erode their ability to engage and learn.

There are many things that we can do both as parents and teachers to try and facilitate a positive learning experience for the children, every day.

Teachers dedicate hours to lesson preparation in order to present the curriculum in a creative and engaging way, seeking the connection to the students whereby effective learning can happen. This is the essence to good education and all teachers understand that this is the core of their ongoing study and Performance Development. 


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