Looking Forward - 2016 at Lorien Novalis School

Looking Forward - 2016 at Lorien Novalis School

Dec 11, 2015


What are some of the things to look forward to in 2016 at Lorien Novalis School?


Middle School 2016 (Classes 7, 8 & 9)
What will you need to do and what will be different?

The High School students will start school at 8.45am. This is 15 minutes earlier than at present.

They will have First Lesson activities each morning and this is an integral part of their learning day. These activities are specifically designed to enhance their ability to learn for the rest of the day. Students will need to attend these activities with the required and suitable dress.

The rest of the day will function as usual with the timetable as normal, in fact there will be little noticeable change on a day-to-day basis.

It will be essential for all High School students to be at school on time and to participate fully in the activities. If they are late they will have to wait aside until the activity is complete, therefore missing out on that day’s specific activity. Their attendance will be closely monitored and parents will be contacted if lateness becomes an issue.

The afternoon lesson has been extended by 15 minutes, by making lunchtime 45 minutes, making the learning day overall a half hour longer. We will still finish classes at 3.15pm.

Students are required to have all the necessary equipment that they need for lessons in their back -packs. It is imperative that students are well-equipped every day, otherwise their ability to perform freely and effectively is compromised.

For some students, there will be opportunities to extend their work, catch up on homework, have extra music lessons or join the Drama Club or School Band. These extra curricula activities will occur after 3.30pm.


Environmental Issues
As an environmental consideration, the school will actively pursue methods of reducing waste and rubbish. This will require students to bring their foodstuff to school in rubbish free packaging and to take any rubbish that they do produce, home again. Organic wastes may be placed in the receptacles provided. Parents we will need to reevaluate the types of food that they give to the children and how it is packaged, considering real food in reusable containers such as lunch boxes.

There will be fewer rubbish bins at school and children’s eating times and locations will be more closely monitored by the teachers and guardians.

One of the goals will be to achieve a rubbish free and more beautiful school, teaching through inculcation, positive values, better quality food and environmental care.


To help develop further parent inclusion and engagement in the school a ‘Morning Tea’ group will be extended to a regular timeslot. This forum will be developed as a discussion group around topics of education but extending into other areas of Steiner’s work, namely Bio Dynamics, Nutrition and Parenting. Hopefully this will extend also into Parent Speech and or Eurythmy groups, painting and other art classes, and general Anthroposophy.

Also the Parent Education will be extended to a series of talks on relative and current issues in education and the function of the school:

  • Term One ~Technology, it’s effects on our children and their capacity to learn.
  • Term Two ~ Rhythm and it’s significance in learning and health.
  • Term Three ~ Play, imagination and the development of thinking.
  • Term Four ~ HSC, Graduation and the freedom of the individual.

The specific dates for these talks will be announced next year.

We are working towards a ‘learning community’ and step-by-step we will move in this direction.

Please have a wonderful holiday period and we look forward to an enthusiastic and vibrant beginning to the 2016 school year.

Best Wishes, 


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