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School Community Business Listings

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If you own a business and are a parent or guardian at Lorien Novalis School you can submit your business to be listed. You will need to Register First. All registrations need to be verified before you can submit your business listing.

Once your registration has been approved you will receive an email notification. You will then need to login and complete the Business Listing Form.

When your submission has been reviewed and approved, it will be added to our business listing page for 12 months (in order to keep the business listings current, we ask that parents and guardians re-submit every 12 months).


Please Note: The listing of a person or organisation in any part of this website does not imply any form of endorsement by Lorien Novalis School of the products or services provided by that person or organisation. Additionally, some listings may include views or recommendations, which do not necessarily reflect the views of Lorien Novalis School.

Business Name Description Website Category/Service
Go Vita Dural Health food Store with Practitioner room offering Naturopathy and Kinesiology consultations
Stocking - Supplements, Herbal dispensary, Homeopathics, Flower Essences, Wholefoods, Refrigerated and Frozen Goods, Raw cakes/ treats, Bulk Foods.
Servicing for all your health needs including many Gluten free, dairy free, grain free products also many Vegan, vegetarian and Paleo options available.
Go to Website - Health Services Other
Divine Infusions Divine Infusions has grown from making our amazing chemical-free, fragrance-free, vegan-friendly Healing Balms and doing Markets and Events, to a calming retail space at Round Corner offering 'Gorgeous things for your Home, Health & Happiness' with a growing range of beautiful, unique products (and Card Reading services too!) Go to Website RETAIL